Phillip Hoyt candidate District #39 Michigan House of Representatives

"Our Houses" have all learned to to do more with less,Lansing needs to do the same.

It's time, put "Hoyt in the house

You know me, I am "just like you"

Longtime resident of Commerce, a family man, who understands the meaning of Community

Michigan! We must restore Accountability and Responsibility, the rest will take care of itself!   

  The greatest documents ever written are The Ten Commandments and The United States Constitution.

Why I am doing this...

 I am not a politician, however as a small business owner (independent state licensed insurance agent) for nearly fifteen years, I have partnered and listened to hundreds of small to medium business owners from the sole proprietor, to multi-state employers with many locations and thousands of employees, as well as the countless families whom I have helped to protect their hard earned personal assets, helping control their insurance costs. 

I hear you... LOUD AND CLEAR! 

Restore your voice Michigan!

Having served on many "Advisory Committees" I have been to Lansing, meeting with senators and representatives, expressing YOUR concerns, asking to be heard, being YOUR VOICE , only to be asked " who is your lobbyist?" or told " you need a lobbyist, you should have a lobbyist" my response was very simple and straight forward...  "As Michigan taxpayers, WE SHOULD NOT NEED A LOBBYIST!"  

I am disheartened by the mere fact that it’s no the longer voice of Michigan taxpayers that is heard, it’s the special interest groups,lobbyists and the political associations with the fat coffers of funds, that have the voice.

Who I am, and what I believe

Our Freedoms

The United States Constitution empowers the American people with many freedoms without infringement, these freedoms make the United States, "The greatest nation under God"  .


Life is a sacred gift and should always be deemed as such. 

My plan

This is NOT a career change, I have one. 

My plan is fix what I can, leaving Michigan better than when I started and let the next elected person make Michigan better for everyone!

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