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Real issues that need real attention

Michigan NO FAULT

Michigan NO FAULT has become just another “entitlement program” 

FACT: Every proposed bill failed to address the elephant in the room, THE UN-INSURED! These plans only  REDUCED the valuable built in overages designed specifically to protect you,(the law abiding premium paying Michigan taxpayers)while making a false promise of a rate decrease guarantee. 

 You do remember the last time our elected messed with insurance, we received The Affordable Care Act, which quicly became The Un-Affordable Care Act! 

Why should the law-abiding insurance premium paying citizen continue to pay premium increases, while we remain soft on the law, and provide the EXACT same fringe benefits to those who made the decision to be irresponsible/ unaccountable and break Michigan auto laws?  

This is where I stand alone; I HAVE A PLAN TO FIX THIS PROBLEM.

For the physicians, and lawyers, no worries, this plan will not affect fees you bill to the insurance company (of the law abiding premium paying tax payers, the insured) What it will do, is limit the costs associated with the UN-INSURED  

 Michigan NO FAULT is on a path of unsustainability, without infusing “accountability and responsibility” rates will continue to rise.   

  As I had indicated on page one, I am NOT a politician, but I am a licensed commission earning Insurance Professional and when premiums go up, I get paid more...

 How is that for fighting for the Michigan Taxpayer?

Roads and Infrastructure

Someone once said“ the definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over with the expectation of obtaining a different result”  

  We didn’t lose Amazon to the lack of public transit, we lost it because our “alternative” is nothing but an embarrassment. Our elected in Michigan continue to increase spending without solving the cause of the problem. 

 Poor roads are costing Michigan new business, real investments, new tax payers, and our current elected, and many candidates simply regurgitate the same old dialog, even recently, simply looking to take it from another Michigan county, that’s not a long term solution, just another redistribution.  

Recently propsed House Bill 5938: “ Prohibit auto insurance companies from increasing premiums for damage repairs caused by from bad roads.” Definition: We don't have solutions to this problem!  

  I have always been “conservative” my family actually calls me cheap, however as a  student of “cause and effect” and after driving on these roads for 36 plus years, I will refer to the slogan of Koegel Meats in Flint Michigan “up to a quality, not down to a price” they have thrived because they do not compromise on quality.  

Michigan is not unique, our neighbors have winters, and use salt, plows etc… perhaps we need to look over at our neighbors and ask “what are you doing that we are not? " or maybe "what are we doing that they are not? "  

We have hard decisions to make and we need not to stop doing the same thing over and over!

The Common Sense Approach

Conservatism Principle

Many elected and candidates tout being conservative, the fact is they are only conservative when it comes to something that is not on their agenda or the agenda of the centers of influence: people who made donations for promises: aka “pay to play”. 

True conservatism has no right or left, but the ideal to only spend what is collected and or the least amount of what is the forecast receivables; "Remember when there is an event with an uncertain outcome, you want to recognize revenues when they are actually earned and recognize expenses when they are reasonably probable."  

 Government, does NOT generate revenue a phrase all too often used, they generate TAXES for redistribution where the elected deem to be best used, which all too often is NOT necessarily always in the best interest of the people of whom they represent. 

 I represent the average working taxpayer in Michigan, I am just like you.

When my revenues for my home personal budget fell short, I got a second job, as well as reduced our spending! This does not happen in Lansing, its time our elected stop following the philosophy of OPM (other peoples money) and REDUCE where we should and spend where we MUST. 

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It's time our elected stop following the OPM motto (other peoples money) and REDUCE where we should and spend where we MUST.

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